The numerology services include the individual’s life purpose as well as a person’s strengths and weaknesses of character.

Being an art of mystery, numerology at its foundation is not difficult to understand. The information needed comes to the name given you at birth and your birth date. Numerology utilizes digits from 1 to 9. These numbers are used while making a numerology chart. Numbers larger occur all the time and they are reduced to simpler numbers by adding each digit together. For example if you have 24 as a sum from your name, add 2+4 and you’ll get 6. Add the number until you get the simple one. These numbers are called core ones. The numbers like 11 and 22 are called master numbers. Every number has a set of meanings associated with it.

Master numbers usually double and increase the power of features concerned with corresponding core numbers (for 11 it is 2 and for 22 it is 4), making the manifestation of the characteristic harsher or more explicit. These numbers are also a sign of high intellectual potential of a person and of firmness in the nervous situations. Master numbers are as important as core numbers, both of them are of similar priority. Numerology also operates your date of birth and is a very important aspect. It makes an index in the numerology called Life Path number, and influences many others. It is created from month, day, and year of your birth.

Your complete name at birth is also indispensable in the numerology. You are unique and your name in combination with your date makes the destiny true only for you. The Roman alphabet has a number, attached to the particular letter. Experts in numerology suggest your name to be irreplaceable in most of calculations concerning your fate. The most interesting aspect is that people often change the names or take pseudonyms, but for numerology the only name that makes sense is complete name obtained at birth.

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