Dato' Sri Dr Patrick Tan

Date Selection

The starting of important events and the implementation of Feng Shui remedies (renovation and cures) should be done on conducive dates and time appropriate to that action. This is not just a traditional practice of Chinese Feng Shui and Astrology Masters, but also a tradition of many other cultures.

Annual elemental cycles have profound influence upon events and our actions. If you are planning an important event like a wedding, starting renovation to your home, moving into a new home, launching a business or a business project, it is best to conduct in proper timing to foster smooth sailing in your endeavors.

Good dates or proper timing are often used as ‘remedies’ to soften the flaws and reduce the impact of ‘clashes’ in BaZi (Astrology) Charts and also for Feng Shui alternations.

Date selection equates choosing the most ‘fertile’ time for planting the seeds of action in the hope of a promising harvest. Where in a BaZi (Astrology) Chart, an incompatibility is detected between a couple, the right timing for marriage can help soften the potential strain and in some cases, may even help sustain the length and endurance of the relationship despite the incompatibility.

Implementation of Feng Shui cures needs proper timing to avoid accidental Implementation of Feng Shui cures need proper timing to avoid accidental ‘activation’ of negative afflictions like the Five Yellow Star, 3 Killings (San Sha) and Grand Duke (Tai Sui). Chinese Feng Shui Masters often advice their clients ‘when’ to place their cures and implement changes as the wrong timing could often cause more problems than before.

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